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Artist Collaboration

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our society is the unity and humility that has become characteristics of our meetings and events. Photographic artists from around Tampa Bay from all walks of life and all experience levels come together to share, grow, and experience the world of fine art together.

Not Another Camera Club

First time visitors who come to a monthly meeting are oftentimes surprised at how different our emphasis is. Steering clear from discussions about equipment or the latest lighting techniques, society members spend time collaborating around artistic concepts that set the technical aspects of photography aside for a few moments. We focus on sharing information, discussing personal insights, exchanging knowledge and art philosophy, and challenging each other to continually pursue education in what fine art is historically.

Within our private Facebook group, we engage with our references, ideas, and work, exploring critical questions about intention, interpretation, and conceptualization. It is through this constant dialogue and growing circle of trust that we find the perfect setting to create and be validated for our unique perspectives among equals who share a passion to enjoy the same.

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Peer Review

During our monthly meetings, the time we spend reviewing each other's art work is invaluable. This segment of our meetings is clearly the most engaging part of our meetings. Members submit up to 4 works prior to the meetings and everyone in attendance reviews each work. The discussion is focused on critical discussions, which encompasses description, interpretation, composition, and technique. All those in attendance are encouraged to share their insights and ask questions of the artists present. Artists are also given an opportunity to explain their intention and technique if they so choose.

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Celebrating Wins

Probably the most important dynamic in our society is that everyone has a deep desire to see everyone else succeed. We are not a group for know-it-alls or show-boars. We work hard to maintain an environment where everyone can feel supported and safe to explore without judgment. When our artists sell art, we celebrate it. As we all grow, we acknowledge it. When we exhibit, we commemorate it.

In short, collaboration is the life blood of our society. We thrive on it and protect that culture as much as possible.

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Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists

Our mission is to develop fine art photography in the Tampa Bay area through collaboration, education, and exhibition. Working together with talented photographers around Tampa Bay, we can create a permanent footprint and mark this moment in history with our creativity, skill, and unique perspectives.

TBSoPA is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida. Our artist build relationships together through their mutual interest to collaborate in unity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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