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nkind was born into the natural world an innocent, free of all distractions and divisions. It is only by our own design that we have become isolated behind layers of leather and denim and cotton, behind layers of concrete and steel and glass. We have chosen to isolate ourselves behind smaller and smaller, more intimate and yet less personal screens, obsessing over information that is clamoring and yet, not Vital. Is it any wonder, that our world is becoming a place of isolation and tension, filled with noise and disturbing images? Artistic, fine art nudes.
JGomez is fine art photographer based out of Tampa, Florida. After over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of Florida brands, designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, and other photographers as an expert in fashion and runway photography, he made the decision to pursue fine art through the lens of his mantra, "feel life". Artistic nudes and fine art nudes.

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Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists

Our mission is to develop fine art photography in the Tampa Bay area through collaboration, education, and exhibition. Working together with talented photographers around Tampa Bay, we can create a permanent footprint and mark this moment in history with our creativity, skill, and unique perspectives.

TBSoPA is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida. Our artist build relationships together through their mutual interest to collaborate in unity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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