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Online Exhibits

Daniel Garber - Laser Lights

Daniel Garber is a Florida Native. He enjoys being an instructor, performer & photographer. He has created a family out of peers, dancers, photographers & like mined professionals. His goal is to provide images that capture, cultivate and create memories.

"I believe we all have a hidden memory receptacle deep down within our core structure. In the center of our being, I believe that there are lost files that have been previously recorded by the spark of electrons and nerve endings - that which ultimately explode into a 'vast array of lights and colors'.  One could easily compare it to a swirl and spectacle of fireworks, volcanic eruptions, and electrical storm.  My current series is an embodiment and viewing of light - breaching through the shadows. This flood of light has but one intention: to capture the soul, bring peace and persuade the mind to seek what it may. I invite you to let me know what one may see."

Learn more about Daniel at

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Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists

Our mission is to develop fine art photography in the Tampa Bay area through collaboration, education, and exhibition. Working together with talented photographers around Tampa Bay, we can create a permanent footprint and mark this moment in history with our creativity, skill, and unique perspectives.

TBSoPA is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida. Our artist build relationships together through their mutual interest to collaborate in unity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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(813) 773-4111

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